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Our Teams

At Bangkok Service Center Limited Partnership™, we have a very high standard for choosing our members of translators, interpreters, and teamwork, so that we can make sure that your requirements are not just met, but exceeded. Our experienced translators are all qualified professionals from different sectors and fields which are suitable to meet your demand. Not only we will supply you the right translator to work with your document, we also provide you the qualified interpreter to suit your requirement or project.

All members of our Translation teams are experienced translators who have a minimum of 10 years relevant Translation experience in a variety of particular types and styles of documents, and are familiar with translating languages as their mother tongue. With our high standards of in selection procedures, our translators are qualified and able to produce better quality of work in their chosen field.

Our qualified interpreters are experienced in translating different language to meet your requirements, by translating from major languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, etc.) into Thai language and from Thai language into (English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, etc.).

Our professional multi-lingual translators and interpreters are also able to translate and interpret any language (except Thai Language) from your original language into any other specific language you would like (except Thai Language) all with an accurate and correct Translation.

With our one stop point service center and expertisd officers, we are ready to assist you with further services dealing with every process required for legalization and visa requirements. We will guide you through from the first step of Document Translation with Consular Department until visa application with the Embassy instead of you. We can even make the application for you.

Our motto, "Simple, Speed, Quality and Value" represents our approach to each Translation, Interpreting service, legalization service, and Visa Service that we offer. Therefore, our customers will receive high quality workmanship and attention to detail, prompt service, and excellent rates.


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